HD lace arises in recent years, so it is a new thing in the wig market and many companies advertise it is highly invisible when you put it on your skin. HD lace is thin, soft, very see-through so when you put it on your head, it will get very undetectable and blend very well with your skin tone. However, it doesn’t suit for wig beginners, because it is very thin and delicate and you need to handle it very carefully. And the lace is very soft so you need to glue it down, then it will not lift up but if you take it off and want to clean the glue, the lace will be easily torn up. And HD lace wig normally is not cheap so if you want to wear it every day or you are a wig beginner, it is not a good choice for your budget. But in some special occasions, like wedding, photoshoot or prom, you can wear it which will give you a flawless looking.

Transparent lace is basically a white version of normal lace, so the lace is in white color, or more specifically, light beige color. And this kind of lace is more suitable for light skin tone, like Caucasians or Asians, and for the darker or brown skin tone, transparent lace will be visible so you have to tint the lace to make its color similar to your skin tone. There are also light brown lace, medium brown lace, and dark brown lace which are more suitable for darker-skinned people, but if your skin is fair, pale or porcelain, transparent lace will blend very well on your head.

Swiss lace has always been the best kind of lace in the market and is commonly used in the wig making since it is soft, see-through and more durable than HD lace but thicker than it. Swiss lace will melt well in your skin when you wear it so it will give you a very undetectable looking. It is more durable than HD lace but it is still easily ripped off if you stretch the lace forcefully.

The lace that GAMAY human hair lace wigs adopted is soft, undetectable Swiss lace .GAMAY lace is thicker and more sturdy than HD lace so it will lay very well even without glue if you choose a right cap size, and you don’t need to worry it will lift up because the elastic band inside of the wig cap and the adjustable strap in the back will help you lay down the lace.

And you can take it off every day. If you want to use the glue for long-term wearing, that’s also okay. When you want to clean the glue and wash the wig, the lace will not easily be torn up. And if you take good care of it, it will last a long time even over one year. So it is a good choice for wig beginners or day-wearers. 

And we can add the fake scalp underneath the lace in the cap, because the lace is see-through and your natural hair will be seen easily, but with the fake scalp structure, it will avoid this situation and you also don’t need to wear a tight wig cap which may not be comfortable. And when you part the hair anywhere, it will offer you a “grow out of your scalp” looking.