1. Size.

Some make the mistake of choosing a wig that’s too tight for the fear of it falling off or moving around. But there are other ways to secure it and it’s certainly not through getting a wig that’s too tight. To get your size, measure your head circumference from your front hair line up to the nape of your neck and then measure also from ear to ear, like forming headband with the tape measure on top of your head. Give your measurements to the wig provider so they can give you the right size.

2. Type of cap feature.

Wigs have different types of caps: lace front wig cap, full lace wig cap, 360 lace wig cap. The most comfortable of the three caps is the full lace cap because it’s soft.

3. Proper use and care for wigs.

Wigs can be uncomfortable if you wear it the entire day. You need to let your natural hair and scalp breathe. As much as possible, take off your wigs while sleeping.

4.Wigs by Gamay Hair

If you’re new to wigs, you can get more tips from GamayHair.