Human Hair Wigs are rapidly becoming the most favorite hair type instead of hair extensions,and we totally do understand this phenomenon. Because they're easy to install,interesting and offer a lot of versatility. As we all know there are many different type of wigs,such as lace front wigs,360 lace wigs and full lace wigs. But Which one to choose,you should know their differences at first.

1. Construction

The Lace Front Wig is a wig that is constructed with a lace frontal closure and a elastic wig cap.Which means it has a small part lace along the front hairline from ear to ear while the hair strands are hand sewn in to the holes of the lace, which is perfectly cover the entire scalp area with a natural looking hair style.The remainder of the wig is machine sewn onto a breathable cap for a most comfortable feel that will keep your head cool and dry. The cap size is universal and can be adjusted to fit your head by using the combs and adjustable straps.

360 Lace Wigs have everything as a lace front wig does, Its difference is the lace goes around the entire perimeter of the wig. Which means you can put your wig into a high ponytail,because the lace in the back will also look like your scalp. The middle portion is machine sewn onto a breathable cap.

2. Comfort

360 lace wig is more comfortable than lace front wig, and more different hair styles are available by 360 lace wigs. As for if a lace front wig or a 360 lace wig is suit for you, you have to consider your financial situation and the need for different hairstyles.