1.Steps for cleaning wigs:

a. Before cleaning, take care of the wig first, and use a special wig to gently comb from top to bottom to loosen the dirt and dust from the wig.

b. When cleaning, warm water is more appropriate, the water temperature is about 20 degrees, not higher than 25 degrees, you can also wash with cold water. In order to better care for wigs, you can dissolve some acidic care solution in water.

c. Soak, wash, wig soak time is maintained at about 10 minutes, and then gently rinse with your hands, you can use some shampoo and conditioner when wig cleaning, so that the cleaning effect is more perfect.

d. Rinse with clean water, gently shake off the water droplets in the wig, and then use a soft dry towel to absorb the water on the wig. Never twist it by hand or use the washing machine.

e. Dry naturally, avoid sun exposure. When the wig is dry to 90%, gently grasp the hair with your hand, and then comb the wig smoothly with a special wig.

2. how to care for wigs? What precautions?

a. Wigs can only be washed by hand, not by machine.

b. After cleaning, do not blow with a hair dryer. It is best to place it in a cool and ventilated place to avoid damage to it from the sun's high temperature.

c. It is not advisable to comb just after washing. Some cuties immediately comb the wig after it is cleaned. Such a method will inadvertently damage the wig. It is best to wait for it to dry soon.

d. If you encounter the wig's hair fork, damage, dry and frizz, and knotting (don't pull it hard to prevent pulling the hair), you can spray a wig-specific care solution on it, and then comb it. Will be much better. But it's better not to wash and comb it more, because it will damage the wig a lot.

e. Wigs should not be cleaned too often, just wash them once a month to prevent hair fall.

f. If you don't need to wear it regularly, you can spray a little less hair oil.

g. After the wig is completely air-dried, cover the washed wig with a hair net and put it in a salable plastic bag with good air permeability (the bag has small round holes). If there is no such bag, you can also install it Into a normal plastic bag, and use a needle to pierce the bag through several holes.

h. Washed wigs should be kept in a dry place.

Now, everyone knows, you still need to pay attention to the method of cleaning the wig. You can add a little shampoo and conditioner when washing. In addition, when you care for the wig, you should pay attention to its precautions to avoid damage to the wig.